Concrete Design Mix Analysis Spreadsheet

Concrete Design Mix spreadsheet is as the name itself is for formulating concrete mix based on actual properties of cement sand and gravel. This will also calculate the price per cubic meter of concrete produced.


  1. Kenneth Salvador says:

    Thank you for your spreadsheet, I just downloaded it. May I ask it is USD code? Thank you.

  2. Kenneth Salvador says:

    For the beam design, column and footing design.

  3. Admin says:

    Yes. It is USD and only the 2 way slab design in WSD.

  4. Kenneth Salvador says:

    Ahh. Thank you po. Where is the 2 way slab?

  5. Joemel says:

    Thanks much for your spreadsheet sir, it help me a lot..may i ask if you have a slab design using direct design method..thanks

  6. Admin says:

    Sorry but I havent made that one yet.

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