Even if you have a great idea, if you can't communicate it to your audience, it will go nowhere.

At Samotech, we understand that great presentation should be better than the standard slideshows. The Client should get a better vision of the project if it will be presented in a detailed animated video. That’s where our expertise with Lumion and Sketchup comes in.

With Samotech, our extensive knowledge with design and engineering makes our output at par with the best in the industry. Since we already have the experience in creating these kind of presentations, there will be no trial and error. This will save you time and money in the process.

Our modelers, renderers, and audio/video editor work closely with you and your project. We also use Google Maps data to map out existing structures, terrain and other landmarks and remodel it to make the project as real as possible.

If your company have not yet added Lumion into your design processes, the time to act is now. There are many companies now added Lumion as their asset in design presentation. We at Samotech are here to give you that edge.

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