CARRVAS 4.3” Touch Screen Vehicle GPS Portable Sat Nav 4GB ROM + 128MB RAM Navigation with Preloaded US Maps


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Latest vesion.
1. Speedcam/red light warning:
Speed detection & alert when exceeding speed limit; Speed detection & alert when exceeding speed limit.
2. Voice guidance:
Voice turn by turn guidance, advance lane guidance.
3. Multiple searching options:
By postcode, an address, part of an address, category, points of interests (POIs), favorite destinations, or history.

FM transmitter
1. Broadcast voice turn by turn guidance, music and video from your GPS.
2. Note! when the FM transmitter open, the speaker close.
3. Variable map views choose from 2D or 3D navigation.

Other functions
1. Save addresses: no need to enter them each time.
2. Estimated travel times.
3. High-speed re-routing if you deviate from the original route.
4. Multimedia: Video, Audio, E-Book/Photo, Games.

A.Can’t open the app ,no sound, can’t chargeing etc…
1.Press reset hole of the back
2.Setting Factory default setting

B.Can’t open navigation app
Need choose navigation EXE file path again
1. Choose Naviconfig logo, click button
2. Double-click ResidentFlash file
3. Double-click the FLASH file
4. Double-click the OZ – Primo file, choose the Primo. EXE file
5. Choose save and you can open navigation logo.

C.Touch screen adjustment
Choose Calibrate logo. then confirm adjustment to Calibrate.

* Please use outdoors, so that the signal can be stronger, if you want to test at home, you can use it beside window.
* When you first use, it will need more time to search the signal, the searching time is about 10-15 minutes, please don’t worry and wait patiently.
*Here is the link to download the map:
* Any questions please email to us first, we will try our best to help you.[SCREEN SIZE] – Bright 4.3 inch TFT LCD touch screen with displays resolution 800*480 pixels.
[FEATURES] – Sturdy Suction Cup Mount: It will be easy to adjustment and quick release. Highlights the correct lane, avoid traffic delays.
[VOICE GUIDANCE] – Spoken Turn-By-Turn Directions: Friendly voice to remind you turn-by-turn directions including speed limit displays.
[EXTREMELY ACCURATE] – The display splits when you come close to your destination to ensure you know exactly what lane you should be in.
[EASY TO USE] – Fantastic interface and intuitive design makes it a nice addition to your road trips, high quality and versatility.

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