Low temperature four generation of 3 d printing pen USB connection fancy originality three-dimensional painting graffiti 3 d pen


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Low temperature four generation of 3 d printing pen USB connection fancy originality three-dimensional painting graffiti 3 d pen


Product name Desen 3D printing pen
Weight 350g
Power type 5V DC,2A(support UBS interface.,etc
Package size 20cm*12cm*8cm
Adapter input voltage 100-240V,50-60Hz
Consumable material 1.75mm PAL smokeless environmental protection material,tasteless/ABS
Working temperature 70-100℃ adjustable inside the pen
Nozzle material Ceramic
Nozzle diameter 0.6mm
Speed Stepless adjust
Color of 3D pen body Brown,pink,blue,silver
Display OLED

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Q: What are the USES of this product?

Children’s birthday gifts , students’ prizes , handmade items on art classes , artistic creation , shoes graffiti , mobile phone shell graffiti , decorated .,etc

Q:Do you have some certificates?

Yes,we have CE,RoHS,FCC certificates.

Q:Is there any way to buy this product at a cheaper price?

During the holidays, we will do some moderate activities, perhaps the price will change, and the order quantity is greater than 5, and the price is reduced by 5% on the basis of the retail price,hope you can see our sincerity!

Q:What is the highlight of this product compared to other products?

Low temperature process, as low as 25 degrees, to prevent injury burns, can be painted directly on the skin

Repeated use, cycle creation, PCL supplies, can be unsatisfactory or old works with 50 degrees or so hot water bubble for 5 seconds, the product becomes PCL environmental protection oil-free rubber mud (ordinary rubber mud has oil)

Exclusive collocation, PCL supplies, low temperature can be recycled supplies.

Q: How do I store my filament?

Most filaments tend to absorb moisture from the air; because of this your filament can become brittle and slowly degrade the quality. It’s recommended to keep unused filament and store it in a storage container or zip lock bag with a desiccant.

Q: Are there any other styles to choose from?

We have 6 style 3D printing pens,different functions,different design,there is always one that suits you!

Kindly enter our shop to find out:[Desen homepage-Product-3D printing pen & 3d pen filament]

Q: How long will it take to arrange delivery after the payment?

The order will be processed immediately after the order, and delivery within three days, the specific delivery time will be verified according to the address provided by the customer, try to deliver the goods to your hand as soon as possible!

Q: How old are the children enough to play it?

More than 8 years old can paly by himself, under 8 years old need to be accompanied by parent or teacher.

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3d printing pen

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