New Mobile Power Supply Six 18650 15600mah Battery Charger power bank + 8pcs connector F Laptop Notebook iphone free Ship

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New Mobile Power Supply Six 18650 15600mah Battery Charger power bank + 8pcs connector F Laptop Notebook Description:Charging input: 16V-24V/1.6A( the power cable connector dimension:5.5*2.1-2.5m

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New Mobile Power Supply Six 18650 15600mah Battery Charger power bank + 8pcs connector F Laptop Notebook 


Charging input: 16V-24V/1.6A( the power cable connector dimension:5.5*2.1-2.5mm)
DC output: 12V/15V/16V/19V/21V = 3.3A ( MAX ) ( with current limiting and temperature protection)
USB port output: 5V/=2.1A(max)
Total output power : 75w(max) , DC port:65w(max)

can install 6 18650 battey or 3pcs(must install alternation)

support most laptop below 19v/4a, Usb port:25w(max) support most Tablet
10 voltage output for chosen
Digital voltmeters head , intuitive, accurate display of the battery voltage, the output voltage.
Dimesion:162mm*82mm*22mm L*W*H

Pls notice:don’t included the battery

COLOR: Randomly send

Product features:

1. This product USES the compact shape design, make full use of space, small than 6 batteries on the market at present box, relaxed in hand; Using black and white collocation, novelty and good-looking color, the surface fine grain processing without fingerprints, not easy to wipe.
2 and 2. This product USES 3 series connection mode, the maximum total output can achieve 75 w (65 w dc port is the largest, most laptop batteries can support below 19 v4a; 10 w, usb port can support all don’t need to identify the plate charge).
3. This product is charging equalization circuit, when one of the batteries soon to charge other batteries to small current charging until fully charge; Don’t have to worry about series circuit, the problem of battery consistency; Cells to function is OK, of course, no leakage.
4. This product can replace the laptop battery inside, also can be a UPS uninterruptible power supply for notebook computers; Use the laptop because it is original charger on the box, for seamless laptop power supply, switch mains and battery power supply time is less than 1 second; If your laptop battery is broken circuit, batteries in good condition, then you only need to buy a box, you can save thousands of dollars for you, because of the good points of the original battery to thousands of yuan.
5. This product has ten file output voltage, covering almost all digital products on the market, so the application is very extensive.
6. Digital voltmeter head, intuitive, accurately shows the battery voltage, battery capacity, the output voltage

Package Content:

1 x Power Bank box (Without Battery, need insert 6 pcs 18650 flat withour protection battery)

1 x cable

1 x adapter 




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